GOOD NEWS: The Raptors Confirm Positive Updates Amid Talks to Land Top NBA Prospect… 

Latest Injury News Could Lead to the Perfect Draft for the Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors may have a golden opportunity to draft top NBA prospect Nikola Topic, who has recently suffered a partially torn ACL. This injury could lower his draft stock enough for the Raptors to secure him.

In past drafts, highly-ranked prospects like Michael Porter Jr. and Cam Whitmore saw their draft positions slide due to injury concerns, only to prove their worth later. The Raptors have firsthand experience with this scenario, having selected OG Anunoby in 2017 after he fell to the 23rd pick due to injury, later becoming one of the best two-way players from that draft class.

Fast forward to 2024, the Raptors hold the 19th and 31st picks in the draft. Initially, the top prospects seemed out of reach until the news of Nikola Topic’s injury. Topic, a Serbian guard, re-injured his knee, revealing a partially torn ACL during a post-combine event in Italy.

This diagnosis might significantly impact Topic’s draft stock. His injury history could deter many teams from taking the risk, potentially causing him to slide down the draft board, similar to past injured prospects.

Nikola Topic, 2024 NBA Draft

If Topic slides, the Raptors could benefit. The 6’6″ point guard is an elite ball handler and passer with a strong shooting foundation and high basketball IQ. Before the Draft Lottery, Topic was ranked second on the Raptors-specific Top 10 Big Board due to his unique size and skill combination.

Toronto can afford to be patient, allowing Topic to recover fully before integrating him into their lineup. While drafting an injured player carries risks, the potential reward of securing a player of Topic’s caliber outweighs the gamble.

Should other teams pass on Topic, the Raptors might land the perfect draft pick, turning a setback into a significant advantage for their future.

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