Breaking News: Duke basketball’s Coach Jon Scheyer Goes Virals Over His Message to Duke’s New Recruits…

Breaking News: Duke’s Coach Jon Scheyer’s Message to New Recruits Goes Viral

Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer emphasized the need for the team to “go to another level” with its offseason moves, leading to significant roster changes.

This offseason saw a surprising departure of ten players from Duke’s roster. Kyle Filipowski and Jared McCain declared for the NBA Draft, while Ryan Young graduated. The remaining seven players—Jeremy Roach, Jaylen Blakes, Jaden Schutt, TJ Power, Mark Mitchell, Sean Stewart, and Christian Reeves—entered the transfer portal.

On a recent episode of The Brotherhood Podcast, Scheyer explained the necessity of these changes to advance the program. He emphasized the importance of adding experienced transfers to build a competitive team. “Having experience is still a valuable thing,” Scheyer told Jay Bilas.

Scheyer began discussing future plans with his players the day after their Elite Eight loss to NC State in the NCAA Tournament. He was clear with each player, promising no guaranteed starting spots, playing time, or shot opportunities. “We had incredibly honest, heartfelt conversations with each one of them,” he said, whether they were turning pro, staying, or leaving.

Louisville v Duke; Duke basketball head coach Jon Scheyer talks to the bench

To strengthen the team, Duke added four transfers: Maliq Brown from Syracuse, Mason Gillis from Purdue, Sion James from Tulane, and Cameron Sheffield from Rice. Additionally, six new recruits joined the roster.

Scheyer expressed high regard for last season’s players and offered his support to those entering the transfer portal. He also stated he would have welcomed them back without predefined roles.

Now, Duke looks ahead with its new roster, led by returners Tyrese Proctor and Caleb Foster, as they aim to elevate the program under Scheyer’s leadership.

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