Breaking News: Yankees Confirmed In Talks to Land Another Sensational Star to Replace Anthony Rizzo…

Breaking News: Yankees Eye New Star to Replace Anthony Rizzo

The New York Yankees are actively exploring options to replace Anthony Rizzo, whose recent performance has raised concerns. Rizzo was absent from the lineup on June 9th and 10th, and according to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, finding a suitable replacement may prove challenging.

Rosenthal points out that Rizzo’s OPS-plus entering June 9th is comparable to Josh Donaldson’s when the Yankees released him last August. However, Rizzo’s importance to the clubhouse and his close relationship with Aaron Judge add complexity to any potential move.

Potential Replacements Pose Challenges

Rosenthal notes that likely trade candidates such as the Marlins’ Josh Bell or the Mets’ Pete Alonso may not be viable options. Trading within the division for players like the Rays’ Yandy Diaz or the Blue Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is also unlikely. Internally, the Yankees have used DJ LeMahieu at first base during Rizzo’s recent absence.

Rizzo’s Struggles

Rizzo has struggled this season, posting a .244 batting average and a .623 OPS. He had a down year last season as well, partly due to injuries. In 2023, he was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, which the team believes stems from a collision with the Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr.

Anthony Rizzo

Financial Considerations

Rizzo’s future with the Yankees is also tied to the team’s payroll concerns and their pursuit of Juan Soto. Owner Hal Steinbrenner has expressed that the current $300 million payroll is not sustainable. This financial strain may make Rizzo a casualty in the Yankees’ efforts to acquire Soto.


Despite his struggles, Rizzo’s value to the clubhouse makes it difficult for the Yankees to part ways with him. However, if the Yankees prioritize financial flexibility and the pursuit of Soto, Rizzo’s future with the team remains uncertain. As the Yankees navigate these challenges, the outcome of their efforts to bolster the roster will be closely watched.

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