Cole Kmet finally opens up as he  describes it as “truly disheartening” to no longer have Justin Fields as a teammate…

Cole Kmet expresses deep disappointment at the absence of Justin Fields as a teammate, describing it as profoundly disheartening. Bears head coach Matt Eberflus had anticipated varied reactions from players following Fields’ departure. Prior to Fields’ trade to Pittsburgh, Eberflus proactively reached out to Fields’ close friends within the team to address the situation.

Among those contacted was Bears tight end Cole Kmet, who had initially planned to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chicago. However, upon receiving a call from Eberflus, Kmet altered his plans and felt saddened by the news. He shared his sentiments on the CHGO Bears podcast, acknowledging the disappointment while recognizing the inevitability of the situation.

“I was planning to hit the city and go out, but then I got a call from Flus and the people with the Bears and decided to stay in after the news with Justin,” Kmet shared on the CHGO Bears podcast. “Upsetting that it came to that, and where it was at that moment, but you kind of felt like the writing was on the wall with that.”

Despite the somber mood, Kmet appreciated Eberflus’s gesture of communicating with him about the decision. He viewed it as a classy move on the part of the coaching staff to inform players who had a close relationship with Fields about the reasons behind the decision.

Looking ahead, Kmet remains hopeful about the Bears’ future, particularly with the potential of a rookie quarterback, such as USC’s Caleb Williams. He sees this as an exciting opportunity for the team, emphasizing the infrastructure in place and the potential for immediate success under a new quarterback.

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