Insider dropped a cryptic message for Paul Maurice and the Panthers ahead of the playoffs.

Panthers Should Rest Up Injured Players Until the Playoffs…

The Florida Panthers, currently positioned as one of the top teams in the league, faced a setback in their recent game against the Carolina Hurricanes due to a noticeable lack of depth caused by injuries to key players. With forwards Sam Bennett and Evan Rodrigues sidelined along with defenseman Aaron Ekblad, the Panthers struggled in their defeat. Given the team’s secure standing in the playoff race and the substantial gap between them and the trailing teams, it would be prudent to prioritize the recovery of these injured players by resting them until the postseason.

Aaron Ekblad’s recent lower-body injury, sustained during a game against the Calgary Flames, has placed him on the sidelines for at least two weeks, possibly longer depending on the severity of the injury. Given his history of injuries, particularly related to his knees, it is essential to allow him sufficient time to heal to avoid risking further damage, especially considering his pivotal role in the team’s defensive setup. The Panthers have experienced defensive struggles in Ekblad’s absence, highlighting the importance of his presence, particularly in crucial postseason matches.

Sam Bennett, a significant contributor known for his physicality and playoff prowess, was absent in the recent loss to the Hurricanes. His playoff track record underscores his value to the team, making his absence felt in critical postseason matchups. Similarly, Evan Rodrigues, who left the same game due to injury, has demonstrated his playoff capabilities throughout his career, making his rest until the postseason imperative to ensure his readiness for upcoming playoff challenges.

With the NHL playoffs approaching and only a month left in the regular season, prioritizing the recovery of injured players becomes increasingly crucial. The Panthers’ depth concerns, compounded by injuries, could have significant ramifications in the playoffs. Thus, allowing these key players adequate time to recuperate and return to full strength is essential to bolster the team’s chances of playoff success

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