Patrick Mahomes throws indistinct shade at the Bills in a Super Bowl postgame remark…

Patrick Mahomes seems to still harbor some resentment over a rule change that followed his team’s victory over the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs two years ago.

Leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a 25-22 overtime triumph against the San Francisco 49ers on February 11, Mahomes secured the win with assistance from a rule modification stemming from one of the Bills’ most devastating losses.

Following Sunday’s game, Mahomes subtly jabbed at Bills fans with a reference to that infamous playoff match.

The game on Sunday marked only the second instance of the Super Bowl extending into overtime, and notably, the first since the NFL implemented new regulations ensuring each team receives at least one possession. This alteration came in response to the 2021 postseason, during which the Bills momentarily seized the lead against the Chiefs with a mere 13 seconds remaining. However, they failed to maintain it, allowing Mahomes to maneuver his team into position for a game-tying field goal. Subsequently, Mahomes orchestrated a drive down the field in overtime, clinching victory on the first possession.

Observing Mahomes’ remarks after the Super Bowl, Scott Chasen of the Kansas City Star highlighted Mahomes’ allusion to the pivotal “13 seconds” game.

“We changed the rule, so we can execute it both ways. I don’t know how they’re going to change it this time,” Mahomes remarked.

Chasen noted in a post-game article that Mahomes still seemed perturbed by the league’s decision to alter the rule after his team’s win over the Bills.

“Patrick Mahomes never forgets a slight,” Chasen wrote. “He keeps bulletin-board material on hand, and he isn’t afraid to let you know about it. Even if it comes from the NFL.”

Despite Mahomes’ lingering discontent over the change to overtime rules, it’s worth noting that it was not the Bills who advocated for that specific alteration. As reported by in 2022, Bills general manager Brandon Beane advocated for the elimination of sudden-death overtime, proposing a timed period instead.

The Chiefs, in fact, supported the new overtime rules. Following the “13 seconds” game, the Kansas City Star reported that the Chiefs had proposed their own overtime rule change after their loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the 2019 AFC Championship game. However, it was not approved at the time.

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