C.J. Stroud sends a heartfelt message to Patrick Mahomes after his remarkable Super Bowl heroics…

C.J. Stroud, despite not playing in Super Bowl LVIII, expressed his support for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs during a recent appearance on Micah Parsons’ podcast. Stroud, a quarterback for the Houston Texans, confidently endorsed the Chiefs, highlighting Mahomes’ synergy with Travis Kelce as a key factor.

Despite not being on the field himself, Stroud has been actively engaged in the Super Bowl festivities, emphasizing the difficulty of stopping a team once they find their rhythm.

“I go to the Chiefs,” Stroud said. Can’t go against Mahomes. He and Travis Kelce have got on a rhythm, and once you get on a rhythm, it’s hard to be stopped.”

As the anticipation builds for the championship clash between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, Stroud’s endorsement adds to the excitement surrounding the event.

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