Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans Reveals Key Reason For Denver Broncos Turnaround and claims that…

As the Houston Texans prepare to face the resurgent Denver Broncos this Sunday, they anticipate a formidable challenge against a team that has undergone a significant transformation midway through the season.

The Broncos, starting the season with a 1-5 record, have orchestrated an impressive turnaround by securing five consecutive victories, bringing their tally to 6-5 and reinserting themselves into the playoff contention. Head coach DeMeco Ryans, addressing the media this week, pointed out a pivotal factor behind the Broncos’ resurgence.

According to Ryans, the key to Denver’s midseason turnaround lies in their defensive prowess, particularly in their aggressive approach to attacking the football. Highlighting the team’s ability to generate turnovers—accumulating over 13 or 14 takeaways—Ryans emphasized the impact of such defensive play on setting up the offense and the overall success of the team. As a former NFL linebacker with a defensive background, Ryans acknowledged the significance of a robust defensive strategy in shaping the Broncos’ recent success.

Beyond statistics, Ryans commended the Broncos for their spirited and physical style of play, especially in their defensive efforts where they excel in attacking the football. Additionally, he noted the team’s strengths in the running game on the offensive side, underscoring their overall effectiveness.

DeMeco Ryans Reveals Key Reason For Denver Broncos Turnaround

The upcoming Sunday matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans carries substantial implications for the AFC playoff race. Both teams, boasting a 6-5 record entering Week 13, find themselves in a precarious position within the playoff discussion.

The victor in this game will secure a crucial tiebreaker over the other, influencing the eventual playoff seeding at the conclusion of the season. The Texans aim to bounce back from a challenging loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the previous week and halt the Broncos’ impressive winning streak. The game is scheduled for a 12 p.m. CT kickoff on Sunday and will be broadcasted on CBS.


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