Why Von Miller arrest could provide the Buffalo Bills with a path to massive salary cap savings in 2024 …

The Buffalo Bills are facing a significant setback with the arrest of star edge rusher Von Miller on allegations of domestic violence, potentially leading to a prolonged absence from the field. This latest off-field incident raises concerns not only about Miller’s immediate playing future but also poses a threat to his long-term association with the Bills.

Miller has a history of domestic violence allegations, having been investigated in 2023 without facing charges. Disturbing messages sent to a former partner have also drawn scrutiny. Despite these issues, Miller turned himself in during the Bills’ bye week, facing a third-degree felony charge related to an alleged assault on a pregnant individual. The NFL now has the authority to place him on the Commissioner’s Exempt list, a common practice during investigations into such matters, effectively sidelining him from play.

The arrest not only casts doubt on Miller’s immediate NFL future but also raises questions about his long-term prospects. At 34 years old and showing signs of decline in his performance following an ACL tear, the Bills may find a reason to part ways with Miller without incurring substantial financial penalties.

Before the arrest, Miller’s $17.145 million salary for 2024 was guaranteed for injury, with the full amount becoming entirely guaranteed if he remained on the roster by March 2024. However, contractual clauses allow the Bills to void these guarantees if Miller violates the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, especially through suspension.

Should the NFL suspend Miller before March 2024, the Bills could promptly void the $17 million owed to him, facilitating his release without significant financial repercussions. This potential course of action is particularly valuable for the Bills, considering their current projection to be $29 million over the 2024 NFL salary cap.

While the Bills await the NFL’s decision on Miller’s status, the organization may let the league handle the matter, allowing time for investigations and potential suspension. If sufficient evidence emerges leading to a suspension before Miller’s age-36 season, the Bills are likely to release him in the spring, seeking to navigate the situation while addressing their financial constraints.

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