Broncos vs Texans 5 questions: Why has C.J. Stroud had success so quickly? Fascinating what the 22-year-old star said as he responds to…

The Houston Texans, led by a rookie quarterback and first-year head coach, have emerged as one of the unexpected success stories of this NFL season, currently in the hunt for an AFC playoff spot. As they prepare to face the Denver Broncos in a crucial pseudo-playoff game, both teams sporting a 6-5 record, the outcome could significantly impact their postseason aspirations.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the Texans are favored by 3.5 points against the Broncos, who are on a five-game winning streak. The betting line suggests confidence in Houston, but some believe it may undervalue Denver, with a total game score set at 47.5.

To gain insights into the Texans’ perspective heading into Week 13, Scott Barzilla from Battle Red Blog shares his thoughts. He acknowledges the Broncos as the hottest team in the NFL and anticipates a closely contested game, highlighting the surprising success of rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud as the season’s standout development.

Scott attributes Stroud’s rapid success to the Texans’ effective management of his responsibilities, finding a balance between control and freedom on the field. Stroud’s work ethic, preparation, and ability to run the offense as designed have been crucial factors in his impressive performance, reminiscent of quarterback Brock Purdy but with a stronger arm and greater athleticism.

Looking ahead to the matchup against the Broncos, Scott envisions a challenging game for the Texans, emphasizing the need for a well-executed passing game to set up the running plays. Defensively, the goal is to limit the running game, apply pressure on the opposing quarterback (Russell Wilson), and capitalize on potential mistakes to secure a victory.

Regarding the betting perspective, Scott expresses surprise at the Texans being favored but acknowledges the home team advantage. He suggests that disinterested gamblers might lean towards the Broncos, given their recent winning streak. Predicting a close game, Scott advises taking the points, as the Texans have not won by a significant margin in recent weeks.

In terms of expectations for the game, Scott envisions a clash between the Texans’ defensive approach of keeping scores low and the Broncos’ preference for an uptempo, high-scoring style. Controlling the tempo, according to Scott, will likely determine the game’s outcome. His prediction leans towards a 20-17 victory for the Broncos, with a potential standout performance from Texans’ receiver Nico Collins, particularly in the receiving yards category.

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