Sean McDermott provides worrying injury update as ahead of week 12 clash with the Eagles…

Buffalo Bills HC Sean McDermott spent time with reporters to catch everyone up on the team’s injury situation and more.

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott met once again with the local media the day after Thanksgiving. McDermott of course had plenty to discuss ahead of the team’s Week 12 game in South Philly against the Philadelphia Eagles.

A lot of time was spent discussing the team’s injury situation, and McDermott noted the immense challenge running back Damien Harris has likely faced in terms of trying to decide when and if he will return to play in the NFL.

One thing I found very interesting during this session was a simple phrase by McDermott, in which he stated at the nine-minute mark:

“You know, there’s fertile soil and fertile ground for us to develop players here,” in regard to right tackle Spencer Brown’s development.

Why would I find such a statement interesting? Clearly they do have the right talent in-house to help players develop. Rather, it’s due to the now-famous comments made by Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

We’re not here to suggest McDermott was trolling Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, but the coincidence in timing is incredible.

While McDermott often reminds people of the team’s one-game-at-a-time mantra, it’s hard to abandon considering what a victory this weekend would mean for the team’s bye and in facing the Kansas City Chiefs on the road in two weeks.

The Buffalo Bills need all the fertile soil mentality they can find in back-to-back road matchups against last season’s Super Bowl teams.

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