Tom Brady sends a four words amusing message to 22-year-old QB ad he applauds huge victory…

Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud received a message from former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady following Michigan’s victory over Ohio State.

Before the highly anticipated game, Brady, a Michigan alum, had challenged Stroud to a bet, offering one of his Super Bowl rings if Ohio State won. In return, if Michigan won, Stroud would give Brady all his youth and athletic abilities. Stroud seemingly agreed to the bet with a “that’s a bet” response.

However, after Michigan’s triumph over Ohio State with a final score of 30-24, Brady acknowledged Stroud’s “smart move” in not taking the bet. Brady, expressing humor, commented on Stroud retaining his “rocket arm and 4.4 40 time.”

Despite a disappointing end to Ohio State’s season, with fans expressing frustration over the loss to their rivals, Stroud’s decision not to go through with the bet was widely seen as a wise move. Fans continued to echo this sentiment in the comments on social media.

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion in his NFL career with the Patriots and Buccaneers, recognized Stroud’s decision.

Meanwhile, Stroud is making a significant impact in his NFL rookie season, being a strong contender for Rookie of the Year and recently setting a rookie passing record with 470 yards.



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