Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott sends a four words message as he addresses media on Black Friday…

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott provided updates on the team’s injury situation and discussed various aspects during a media session following Thanksgiving.

McDermott addressed the significant challenge faced by running back Damien Harris in deciding when or if he will return to NFL play.

A notable moment in the conversation was McDermott’s mention of “fertile soil and fertile ground” regarding right tackle Spencer Brown’s development.

This statement caught attention, not because of questioning the team’s ability to nurture player growth, but due to the remarkable timing in relation to comments made by Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

While it’s not suggested that McDermott was trolling Sirianni, the coincidence in timing is noteworthy. McDermott, known for emphasizing a one-game-at-a-time approach, acknowledged the importance of the upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles, considering the implications for the team’s bye week and the subsequent matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs on the road.

The Bills aim to tap into a “fertile soil mentality” as they face consecutive road challenges against last season’s Super Bowl teams.

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