The Minnesota Vikings set sights on the 46-year-old star as the perfect replacement for Kirk Cousins after worrying injury updates…

The Minnesota Vikings, grappling with the loss of quarterback Kirk Cousins to a season-ending Achilles injury, expressed interest in acquiring Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback. However, the team ultimately secured a trade with the Arizona Cardinals for Joshua Dobbs before the deadline.

Although Dobbs has performed well for the Vikings, reports suggest that they did reach out to Brady after learning of Cousins’ injury. Scott Zolak, a former Patriots quarterback and co-host of the Zolak & Bertrand Show, revealed on NBC Sports Boston that the Vikings made contact with Brady regarding the possibility of him playing in Minnesota this season. Despite not providing specific details about the timing of the outreach, Zolak stated that he believes Brady’s NFL career is concluded.

The Vikings, currently in playoff contention even without Cousins, could have offered Brady an intriguing opportunity, given their offensive weapons, including standout receiver Justin Jefferson. Nevertheless, Zolak asserted that Brady has retired from the NFL, a sentiment he had expressed earlier in the segment.

Tom Brady football quarterbacks Minnesota Vikings

Despite the Vikings’ interest and the allure of a potential playoff run, it appears that Brady is firmly committed to retirement. As the season progresses and the playoffs draw nearer, the question of Brady’s potential return to the Vikings’ roster remains uncertain, leaving fans and the football community to speculate on the legendary quarterback’s future.


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