‘Amazing’: Miami Dolphins Make History in NFL’s Inaugural Black Friday Showdown.

In a groundbreaking move, the NFL hosted its first-ever Black Friday game, with Amazon reportedly shelling out a hefty $100 million for the broadcast rights. Renowned for dominating Sundays, the NFL decided to experiment with a Black Friday matchup, and unsurprisingly, the Miami Dolphins, often the league’s testing ground, were featured. The Dolphins, gaining attention as the NFL’s marketing favorite, have been thrust into various spotlights, from their recent venture to Germany to their appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks documentary.

The Dolphins’ whirlwind tour continues as they prepare to face the New York Jets on the road in the historic NFL Black Friday game, scheduled at 3:00 p.m. and exclusively airing on Amazon Prime. With a current record of 7-3, the Dolphins will defend their AFC East lead against the Jets (4-6), marking their first encounter since Miami’s victory over New York on January 8 of the previous season.

The NFL’s fascination with featuring the Dolphins reached new heights as the team, fresh off a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Germany, found themselves in the HBO in-season edition of Hard Knocks. The first episode centered around their clash with the Las Vegas Raiders, and now, in a peculiar turn of events, HBO cameras will capture the Dolphins in action during the Black Friday game, an event Amazon invested significantly in.

Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins takes the field during player introductions on November 27, 2022 in Miami Gardens.

Facing the Jets, who are grappling with quarterback issues after benching Zach Wilson for Tim Boyle, the Dolphins anticipate a challenging game, especially considering their recent offensive struggles against the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite the Jets’ offensive woes, their defensive prowess poses a formidable challenge for the Dolphins, making the Black Friday matchup a potentially intense affair.

With seven games remaining and a two-game lead over the Buffalo Bills, the Dolphins aim to secure wins against less formidable opponents like the Jets, Washington Commanders, and the struggling Tennessee Titans. These victories could prove crucial in solidifying their postseason spot, especially with formidable matchups against the Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Dallas Cowboys looming later in the season.

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