Texans’ Head Coach DeMeco Ryans outlines ‘worrying concern’ after hard-fought Week 11 win over Cardinals…

The Houston Texans clinched a hard-fought 21-16 victory against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 11 of the NFL season, marking their third consecutive win. Despite the success, the game brought to light certain areas of concern for the Texans. In this analysis, we will delve into the key worries for the team even after their significant triumph.

Week 11 Win

The Texans secured their third straight victory, defeating the Arizona Cardinals. Rookie quarterback CJ Stroud had a mixed performance, throwing for 336 yards and two touchdowns but also recording three interceptions, all in the red zone. Another rookie, Tank Dell, delivered an impressive performance with eight catches for 149 yards and a touchdown.

The Cardinals intercepted three of Stroud’s passes but failed to capitalize on those opportunities, missing crucial fourth-down conversions. The Texans’ defense held strong in the fourth quarter, securing the win. However, the team missed chances to score more points, including a missed field goal and a failed fourth-down conversion in the red zone.

Surprisingly, with seven weeks left in the regular season, the Texans currently hold the sixth seed in the playoffs, trailing the Jaguars by just one game in the AFC South. The upcoming match against the Jaguars and subsequent games against the Broncos, Jets, Titans, Browns, Titans again, and the Colts will be pivotal in determining their postseason fate.

Concerns After Week 11

1. CJ Stroud’s INTs

Before the game, Stroud had an impressive record with 15 touchdown passes and only two interceptions. However, in the Cardinals matchup, he threw more interceptions than in the Texans’ first nine games combined — three in total, with two occurring in the second half. Despite setbacks, Stroud completed 27 of 37 passes for 336 yards and two touchdowns, contributing significantly to the first-half lead.

The Texans’ offensive strategy under Stroud has been marked by increased aggression, leading the league in chunk pass plays. However, this approach has come with errors, with Stroud turning the ball over six times in the last two weeks. Despite the challenges, Stroud remains a contender in the MVP race and has positioned the team for playoff contention.

2. Second Half Scoring Drought

While the Texans had a strong first half with 21 points, their offense went silent in the second half, being outscored 6-0 by the Cardinals. Despite a solid defensive performance, the Texans’ inability to generate points in the second half raises concerns about maintaining momentum throughout the entire game.

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, the Texans’ Week 11 win showcased both strengths and areas of concern. Despite riding a three-game winning streak and holding a promising 6-4 record, challenges include Stroud’s increased aggressiveness leading to turnovers, vulnerabilities in pass protection, and difficulties in sustaining offensive momentum in the second half. Addressing these concerns will be crucial as the Texans aim for a playoff berth and a successful season in the remaining weeks.

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