21-year-old star sends a stunning message to Stoke City’s teammates and fans as he reveals key area the Potter’s need to improve ahead of …

In news from the bet365 Stadium, Ki-Jana Hoever is taking a close look at his game and is fully embracing his responsibilities with Stoke City, even though he is currently on loan from Wolves.

Over the last ten months on loan at Stoke City from Wolves, Hoever has gained recognition as an attacking right-back in the Championship, with five goals in 22 starts. However, the ambitious 21-year-old recognizes the need to enhance his defensive abilities without compromising his attacking prowess.

He acknowledges that while he excels going forward, defending remains his primary duty, and he believes that he can improve his defensive skills by addressing what he considers a somewhat lax attitude. Hoever is actively working on these aspects of his game, recognizing that it’s largely a matter of mentality.

With three consecutive clean sheets, Hoever is hopeful that this improvement is becoming evident. He emphasizes the importance of a collective team effort in defense, highlighting that when everyone fulfills their role, it makes the entire team’s job easier, even when facing high-quality opponents.

Stoke City manager Alex Neil has been instrumental in Hoever’s development, working with him both offensively and defensively. Hoever acknowledges that there are times when the team’s quality in the final third could be better, and he’s taking it upon himself to enhance his contribution in offensive situations.

Hoever’s commitment to his defensive duties is separate from his performance with the ball, but he recognizes that success in one area can positively impact the other. Recent matches have seen Hoever actively engaged in defensive actions, including crucial late blocks that helped secure victories.

Despite being on loan, Hoever has developed a strong connection to Stoke City, having been with the club since January with just a brief hiatus during pre-season. He feels a heightened sense of responsibility, particularly due to the significant player turnover in the summer.

Hoever is dedicated to helping the club succeed and is willing to assist new arrivals, drawing on his extensive experience in England and his ability to communicate in Dutch with players like Wouter Burger, thereby making their transition smoother.



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