Whining’: talkSPORT pundit drops baffling claim about O’Neil after latest  decision against Wolves…

Simon Jordan drops baffling claim about Wolves boss Gary O’Neil.

Former Crystal Palace owner-turned-pundit Simon Jordan has accused Wolves manager Gary O’Neil of ‘whining’ following the controversial penalty decision on Saturday.

Wolves fell to a 2-1 defeat against Sheffield United, and there has been a very bitter feeling since the game.

Referee Robert Jones awarded United a penalty right at the death, adjudging Fabio Silva to have fouled George Baldock in the area.


Replays showed the defender was already going to ground. Jones’ on-field decision was upheld by VAR, and Oliver Norwood then scored the penalty. In the eyes of former referee Dermot Gallagher, Jones was ‘too quick’ to blow.

Wolves lost the game, and Silva was left devastated.

The decision by Jones to award the penalty has been widely slammed.


Gary O’Neil was understandably left fuming after the game – but Simon Jordan has now accused the Wolves manager of ‘whining’…

Simon Jordan accuses Gary O’Neil of ‘whining’ after penalty decision against Wolves

Yesterday on talkSPORT, there was a discussion about Mikel Arteta, who was not happy after Anthony Gordon’s goal for Newcastle United against Arsenal was allowed to stand.

Arteta criticised the officials after the game, and the club even put out a statement backing the manager’s comments.


Jordan gave his thoughts about the Spaniard’s outburst.

He had very little sympathy for Arteta, and also took a pop at O’Neil as he was making his point.

He said: “Ultimately there needs to be some sort of retribution for the observations he is making about the disgraceful nature of the game, the conduct of the officials, the ineffectiveness of PGMOL.


“Behind all this, and I maintain it, and it’s not some sinister conspiracy theory, it’s because officialdom is starting to stamp some authority over the game, because they’re starting to consequence players… like Gary O’Neil’s whining about the penalty. If players stopped diving then you wouldn’t have referees being put to (making) decisions like they’re being put to.


“The bottom line is, the officials are starting to go right ‘we’re putting extra time into places because players waste time, we’re getting more control over the game’. There is an underlying simmering resentment from football.”

A ridiculous assessment.

It is incredible to see Jordan essentially defending the officials like this.

Currently, the officiating standards in the Premier League are wholly unacceptable. Every single weekend, something happens that takes away from the spectacle – and fans are absolutely tired of it.

Normally there is a pretty good chance you will find an awful decision in a Wolves game.

Jordan’s remark about O’Neil is just embarrassing. Is the Wolves manager just meant to keep quiet in the face of continued incompetence? If anything, O’Neil has actually been extremely calm given what’s been happening this season.

Wolves have been stung at least three times this term, and it’s possible Wanderers could be around six points better off had the correct decisions been reached.

It is not ‘whining’, it is highlighting ineptitude and holding people to account.

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