Stan Collymore slams at Dion Dublin ‘wrong’ as he reacts over Unai Emery criticism after Aston Villa’ 2- 0 devastating defeat…

Stan Collymore defends Unai Emery’s high line tactic for Aston Villa against criticism from Dion Dublin. After Villa’s defeat to Nottingham Forest, Dublin labeled the high line as “absolutely ridiculous.” Collymore, however, believes that Villa will benefit from this strategy in the long run.

While Dublin pointed out the risks and difficulties of the high line, Collymore argues that it can be effective when executed well. He highlights that pressing high can condense space in the opponent’s half, allowing for greater dominance. This approach is commonly endorsed by progressive coaches.

Collymore acknowledges that the high line can be challenging to watch, especially when the team isn’t performing well. He suggests that the philosophy is focused on the bigger picture of the season, where the potential rewards outweigh the risks.

Collymore also notes that some former professional players may struggle to accept this strategy, citing Liverpool’s example when they lost 7-2 to Villa but didn’t change their high line approach.

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