‘Very essential’: 29-year-old Wolves star makes a stunning admission as he shares ‘dressing room’ claims about Gary O’Neil after brutal incident…

Nelson Semedo drops ‘dressing room’ claim about Wolves boss Gary O’Neil.

Nelson Semedo has disclosed that Gary O’Neil is highly regarded at Molineux, with all Wolves players in the dressing room showing strong affinity for him. O’Neil made an impressive start at the club, joining shortly before the new season began. He was selected after a few candidates were interviewed following Julen Lopetegui’s departure and stood out with his presentation.

Under O’Neil’s guidance, Wolves currently hold the 14th position in the Premier League, amassing 12 points from 11 games, although it’s acknowledged that their points tally should be higher, given some unfortunate refereeing decisions that have cost them points.

Despite these challenges, the Wolves’ dressing room remains in high spirits. Nelson Semedo, who has worked under O’Neil for three months, expressed that all the players have a genuine fondness for him. Semedo praised O’Neil for being both an excellent coach and a great person, emphasizing the importance of his presence in the team.

This endorsement from a significant signing like Semedo suggests that O’Neil’s man-management skills, highlighted by sporting director Matt Hobbs upon his arrival, have contributed to the team’s good performances this season. The players’ impressive work rate and pressing indicate their approval of O’Neil’s leadership.

Although the season has faced challenges due to unfavorable decisions against the club, it is hoped that the 40-year-old O’Neil can continue to engage the players and maintain team spirit, despite the current tough circumstances.


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