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As the Minnesota Twins gear up to extend their winning streak on Tuesday following a day of rest on Monday, attention turns to the status of their star player, Byron Buxton, who remains sidelined due to his recent knee injury.

Buxton is slated to undergo a pivotal test on his knee today, as revealed by the Twins’ coaching staff. Despite the setback, Buxton is optimistic about his readiness to return to action, with plans to demonstrate his progress “in front of the team.” Should the test yield positive results, it’s anticipated that he will embark on a brief rehabilitation assignment before rejoining the active roster.

While Buxton’s performance at the plate has seen its share of fluctuations this season, his consistency in appearing in nearly every game for the Twins has been notable. Additionally, Statcast’s bat tracking technology underscores his prowess, with Buxton boasting the team’s top bat speed during competitive swings.

Undoubtedly, Buxton’s impact, both defensively and offensively, is substantial whenever he graces the lineup. However, concerns persist regarding the durability of his knee, particularly in light of his recent setback.

Byron Buxton, Minnesota Twins

The looming question remains: will Buxton successfully navigate his impending rehab assignment and withstand the rigors of another 25 games without succumbing to re-injury? While answers to these inquiries remain elusive, further clarity is expected to emerge later today regarding his immediate future. Nevertheless, his absence will be keenly felt in the upcoming clash against the New York Yankees.

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