WNBA Star Angel Reese Goes Viral A s She Responds To Criticism Over Met Gala Incident Ahead of…

WNBA Star Angel Reese Hits Back at Critics Over Met Gala Attendance

Angel Reese of the Chicago Sky didn’t let critics dim her shine after attending the 2024 Met Gala on May 6, just a day before her preseason game against the New York Liberty. Responding to detractors who questioned her focus, Reese took a strong stance during a recent press conference.

Addressing the criticism head-on, Reese emphasized her ability to excel both on and off the court. “A lot of people told me I shouldn’t have gone to the Met Gala, that I wouldn’t be focused playing against the runner-ups,” she remarked. “But I went, slayed the Met Gala in New York, came back, and slayed against New York. It’s what I do.”

Indeed, Reese’s performance on May 7 saw the Chicago Sky triumph over the NY Liberty with a decisive victory of 101 to 53. Beyond her athletic prowess, Reese sees herself as a role model for women, advocating for multifaceted identities and speaking out on important issues.

“I give confidence to so many people, knowing I’m not one-dimensional,” Reese asserted. “Women don’t have to conform to one role. That’s what’s driving the growth of the game.”

Despite facing adversity, Reese remains resolute in being true to herself. “Even on the tough days, when people may criticize me, I’ll continue to be authentic,” she affirmed.

Reflecting on her journey as a female athlete in the spotlight, Reese shared the challenges she has encountered, from facing death threats to dealing with sexualization. However, she finds strength in her teammates’ unwavering support.

Angel Reese Reacts to Criticism For Attending Met Before WNBA Game

Teammate Flau’Jae Johnson praised Reese’s resilience, highlighting her strength and compassion. “The person I see every day is a strong, caring, loving individual,” Johnson stated. “The crown she wears is heavy.”

At the Met Gala, Reese dazzled in a cyan-colored Marco Capaldo gown, embodying grace and elegance on the red carpet. Celebrating her 22nd birthday at the prestigious event, Reese expressed gratitude for the invitation and the opportunity to mark such a special occasion.

To catch a glimpse of Reese’s stunning look and the array of interpretations of the “Garden of Time” dress code at this year’s Gala, stay tuned.

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