Latest Bulldogs Updates: Bulldogs’ Star Players Slams at FSU football’s Keon Coleman for His Critiques on Kirby Smart…

Georgia Football Players Respond to Keon Coleman’s Critique of FSU’s CFP Exclusion

Keon Coleman’s recent remarks regarding Florida State University’s absence from the College Football Playoff have drawn sharp reactions from the Georgia Bulldogs. The former Florida State star, now making waves with the Buffalo Bills, has been garnering attention for his outspoken nature, evident in his viral introductory press conference.

Coleman’s confidence and willingness to voice his opinions have certainly caught the NFL’s eye, but his comments on Georgia’s role in FSU’s playoff snub have ruffled feathers in Athens. Speaking on Robert Griffin III’s podcast, Coleman suggested that had Georgia defeated Alabama in the SEC Championship game, FSU would have had a chance to prove themselves against the Bulldogs in a more consequential bowl game.

His words didn’t sit well with Georgia players. Coleman’s insinuation that Georgia’s loss was the reason FSU missed the playoffs irked several Bulldogs. Running back Kendall Milton, cornerback Kamari Lassiter, and safeties Javon Bullard and Tykee Smith, all recently drafted to the NFL, took offense to Coleman’s remarks.

In Coleman’s view, Georgia’s loss to Alabama, coupled with Texas Longhorns’ triumph over the Crimson Tide in their conference championship, led to FSU’s exclusion from the playoffs, leaving them heartbroken and sidelined from the four-team spectacle for the first time since its inception in 2014.

The fallout from the playoff snub was palpable. More than 20 players, including all ten drafted to the NFL, from FSU’s roster opted out of the Orange Bowl. With a lineup mainly comprising reserves and younger talent, FSU fell short against Georgia in a game with historical implications.

Coleman’s commentary touched a nerve with the Bulldogs, who felt his words undermined their efforts. His implication that Georgia’s shortcomings determined FSU’s fate in the playoffs prompted a response from those directly involved. The Georgia players’ rebuttal underscores the intensity of collegiate football rivalries and the passion players carry into their professional careers.

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