Good News: LA Rams Confirmed the SignING of the 16 UDFAs…

Exciting news emerges from the LA Rams camp as they confirm the signing of 16 undrafted free agents, further bolstering their roster with youthful talent. Following a weekend of late-round draft selections where the Rams acquired six rookies, the team continues to fortify its depth with this new wave of signings.

Among the notable additions are:

  • Justin Dedich, OL (USC)
  • Anthony Goodlow, DE (Oklahoma State)
  • Neal Johnson, TE (Louisiana)
  • JJ Laap, WR (Cortland)
  • Cam Lampkin, DB (Washington State)
  • Blake Larson, OL (Augustana)
  • Tuli Letuligasenoa, DL (Washington)
  • Kenny Logan Jr., DB (Kansas)
  • Jaylen McCollough, DB (Tennessee)
  • Elias Neal, LB (Marshall)
  • David Olajiga, DL (Central Missouri)
  • Omar Speights, LB (LSU)
  • Drake Stoops, WR (Oklahoma)
  • Josh Wallace, DB (Michigan)
  • Sam Wiglusz, WR (Ohio)
  • Charles Woods, DB (SMU)

The Rams’ focus on strengthening their receiving corps is evident with the addition of three wide receivers in this batch. Standouts like JJ Laap, with an impressive track record at DIII Cortland, and Drake Stoops, who showcased his skills during a breakout season at Oklahoma, bring promise to the team’s offensive arsenal. Sam Wiglusz, who caught the NFL’s attention following his transfer from Ohio State to Ohio, adds further depth with his remarkable stats.

On the defensive front, the Rams address the secondary with a total of five rookie signings. Jaylen McCollough, boasting a solid five-year stint at Tennessee, and Kenny Logan Jr., a consistent performer throughout his college career at Kansas, highlight the team’s commitment to fortifying their defensive backfield.

With these signings, the Rams continue their strategic approach to roster building, blending draft picks with undrafted free agents to create a competitive and dynamic squad for the upcoming season.

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