C.J. Stroud goes viral on his returns to Ohio State for pro day: ‘This is a second home to me.’…

C.J. Stroud made a notable return to Ohio State, attending the Buckeyes’ pro day at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Reflecting on his journey since leaving college, Stroud’s visit stirred memories of his time with the Buckeyes and provided insights into his burgeoning NFL career.

Just over a year ago, Stroud concluded his collegiate career with Ohio State, albeit not in the manner he desired, falling short against Georgia in the College Football Playoff due to a missed field goal. However, his transition to the NFL with the Houston Texans was met with success. As the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Stroud made waves, setting numerous rookie records and earning the title of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Returning to Ohio State for pro day, Stroud mingled with former teammates and engaged with the media. When asked about his presence at the event, Stroud emphasized his desire to support his former teammates and express gratitude for the bonds forged during his time at Ohio State.

For Stroud, stepping back into the Buckeyes’ facility held immense significance. He fondly recalled the relationships he built during his college years, emphasizing the enduring sense of belonging and warmth he feels whenever he returns to Columbus. Reflecting on his personal growth, Stroud acknowledged the pivotal role Ohio State played in shaping him both as a player and as a person.

Despite the passage of time, Stroud’s NFL journey still feels like a whirlwind. From his standout performances in college to his rookie year accomplishments in the NFL, Stroud remains grounded, attributing his success to hard work, dedication, and the guidance of his coaches and teammates.

When asked about his advice for current Ohio State quarterbacks Will Howard and Devin Brown, Stroud emphasized the importance of camaraderie and mutual support. Drawing from his own experiences, Stroud highlighted the significance of maintaining positive relationships and focusing on collective success.

Reflecting on his departure from Ohio State and subsequent NFL career, Stroud expressed pride in his achievements while acknowledging the challenges he faced along the way. From navigating media scrutiny to adapting to the demands of professional football, Stroud credited Ohio State for providing him with the foundation to succeed at the highest level.

As Stroud continues to make his mark in the NFL, his return to Ohio State serves as a reminder of the bonds that endure and the lessons learned on the journey to success. With his sights set on the future, Stroud remains grateful for the opportunities afforded to him and the unwavering support of his alma mater.

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