Breaking News: Braves Two-time All-Star Drops A Cryptic Post as He Addresses Future with Team…

In a recent revelation, Marcell Ozuna has made his sentiments clear regarding his future with the Braves, hinting at a desire for a contract extension.

Speaking candidly to The Athletic’s David O’Brien, Ozuna expressed his reluctance to explore other options, emphasizing his comfort with the team, his teammates, and the organization’s support. “There’s no doubt in my decision. I don’t want to go anywhere else,” he affirmed.

Ozuna’s current four-year, $65 million deal is set to expire at the end of the season, but the Braves possess a $16 million club option for 2025, likely to be exercised given Ozuna’s stellar performance at the plate. With a remarkable start to the 2024 season, boasting a .344/.419/.677 slash line and leading the National League with nine home runs in his first 105 plate appearances, Ozuna continues to impress.

The notion of Ozuna committing to Atlanta long-term might have seemed improbable just a year ago. Amidst struggles during the initial two seasons of his contract, his tenure was marked by off-field issues including a DUI charge and a subsequent 20-game suspension under MLB’s disciplinary policies.

Despite these challenges, the Braves reportedly stood by Ozuna, demonstrating a willingness to overlook both his on-field struggles and off-field controversies. Consequently, speculation arises regarding the team’s openness to extending Ozuna’s tenure beyond the club option year.

However, certain hurdles loom large. Ozuna, turning 35 in November 2025, primarily serves as a designated hitter at this stage of his career, raising questions about his longevity on the field. Additionally, Atlanta’s payroll has reached record levels, posing financial constraints for any potential long-term commitment.

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