‘I must say…’: Simon Jordan’s slams at Moyes’ possible replacement and reaction to West Ham’s managerial speculations…

Simon Jordan expressed astonishment at the news of Julen Lopetegui potentially joining West Ham United, as reported by Alex Crook.

Jordan was taken aback to hear that Lopetegui had reportedly engaged in talks to become the next manager of West Ham. According to a report by Crook on talkSPORT, discussions between Lopetegui and the club had already taken place.

Lopetegui’s departure from Wolves earlier in the season, citing concerns over squad quality, was noted. However, the subsequent success of Gary O’Neil at Wolves seemed to contradict Lopetegui’s concerns.

Reacting to the news of Lopetegui being considered as a replacement for David Moyes, Jordan remarked, “They deserve one another [West Ham and Lopetegui]. Give me a break. Have you heard some of the tripe that comes out of his mouth?”

The reference to “tripe” likely relates to Lopetegui’s statements upon leaving Wolves unexpectedly eight months ago, just before the Premier League season began. Lopetegui’s decision was attributed to feeling unsupported during the summer transfer window, which was still open at that time.

While recent results at Wolves may have cast doubt on Lopetegui’s departure, it’s crucial to acknowledge his esteemed coaching career, which includes winning the Europa League with Sevilla, as well as his tenure with Real Madrid and Spain.


Some suggest that, akin to Unai Emery’s impact at Aston Villa, Lopetegui could be a strategic choice to elevate West Ham to the next level.

Meanwhile, Vincent Kompany’s name has also surfaced in discussions regarding the managerial vacancy at West Ham.

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