Breaking News: Just In Cincinnati Bengals have confirmed another big boost ahead of the 2024 season; fans will like it…

The Cincinnati Bengals made a significant move in the NFL draft by selecting Amarius Mims, a towering offensive tackle from the University of Georgia, as their No. 18 pick on Thursday night.

Standing at an imposing 6-foot-8 and weighing 340 pounds, Mims brings a rare combination of size and athleticism to the Bengals roster. Head Coach Zac Taylor expressed the team’s elation at acquiring such a standout prospect.

“We were thrilled to see Mims available at the 18th spot. He’s an exceptional fit for us,” Taylor remarked. “His qualities as a player are truly exceptional and offer us a wealth of potential.”

Echoing Taylor’s sentiments, Bengals Offensive Coordinator Dan Pitcher emphasized Mims’ importance to the team’s future success. “Selecting a player of his caliber at this position signifies our commitment to building a formidable team,” Pitcher noted.

For Mims, being drafted by the Bengals was a realization of a lifelong dream. “All I could do was cry. It’s a dream come true,” he shared with FOX19 NOW.

Expressing his enthusiasm for joining the Bengals, Mims highlighted his eagerness to contribute to a winning team and to have the opportunity to protect star quarterback Joe Burrow. “It’s surreal. Watching Burrow during his time at LSU, I always imagined what it would be like to block for him someday,” Mims revealed in a phone interview.

Mims’ impressive track record underscores his potential impact on the Bengals’ offensive line. Pro Football Focus reports that he did not concede a single sack and allowed only six quarterback pressures in 376 career pass-blocking snaps—a testament to his prowess as a lineman.

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