SAD NEWS: Bengals suffer double blow as Experienced star player asked to leave Cincinnati…

The Cincinnati Bengals are facing a double blow as both Tee Higgins and Trey Hendrickson have expressed their desire to be traded, leaving the team scrambling to negotiate deals within a tight timeframe.

Higgins and Hendrickson, key players for the Bengals, have made it clear they want out, putting pressure on the team to find suitable trade agreements before time runs out.

While the Bengals are eager to retain both players for the upcoming season, they are also seeking long-term security through new contracts, a demand that the team appears hesitant to meet.

However, the Bengals are facing financial constraints, particularly with the need to secure extensions for quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase in the near future. This could force them to part ways with Higgins and Hendrickson to free up resources.

Although there’s a possibility of reaching deals after the NFL Draft, it becomes less likely as Cincinnati would require draft compensation to fill the void left by both players.

Losing Higgins, though anticipated with the presence of Chase, could still pose a challenge for the Bengals, given his significant contributions to the team’s offense over the years.

However, the departure of Hendrickson could be even more detrimental. With an impressive track record of 17.5 sacks in the previous season and 40 sacks over the past three seasons, he’s been a cornerstone of the Bengals’ defensive line since joining from the New Orleans Saints in 2021.

Hendrickson’s contract situation adds further complexity, as he seeks an extension to stay with the team. Yet, with financial priorities elsewhere, the Bengals may opt to trade him for a day two draft pick.

Trey Hendrickson could also leave the Bengals shortly

On the other hand, Higgins could fetch the Bengals a valuable first-round pick in a potential trade, considering his consistent performance despite being the second-choice receiver in recent years.

Teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Indianapolis Colts are reportedly in the market for a receiver, potentially making Higgins a sought-after option.

As the first round of the draft approaches, deals are expected to materialize, shaping the Bengals’ roster for the upcoming season.

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