Breaking News: Just In As Trey Hendrickson sends a big warning to the Bengals after a trade request…

Pass-rushing standout Trey Hendrickson has issued a trade demand to the Cincinnati Bengals, coupled with a significant warning should his request be denied.

Hendrickson’s agent, Harold Lewis, conveyed to Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer that Hendrickson is eyeing a long-term contract with the Bengals. However, if such an offer fails to materialize, the defensive star may even contemplate retirement.

Breaking the news, Conway tweeted the details of Hendrickson’s trade request and his potential retirement consideration. Meanwhile, Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic reported that despite the trade request, the Bengals are resolute in retaining Hendrickson, considering him indispensable to the team’s success.

Dehner clarified the Bengals’ stance, emphasizing their commitment to keeping key players like Hendrickson and Tee Higgins in their pursuit of a Super Bowl victory.

While Hendrickson’s retirement threat might seem drastic, especially at the age of 29 with two years left on his current contract, it underscores his desire for a more favorable deal. His exceptional performance, evidenced by his 17.5 sacks last season, suggests that he has indeed outperformed his existing contract. However, this could also imply that Hendrickson may have undervalued himself during contract negotiations, complicating his position now.

The Bengals now face the challenge of managing discontent among their players before the upcoming season, as they strive to address the situation and maintain team cohesion.

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