Philadelphia Flyers have confirmed the signing of another experienced star player…

Flyers Assign Several Prospects to AHL: Implications Unveiled!

In a recent announcement, the Philadelphia Flyers disclosed their decision to send Ronnie Attard, Bobby Brink, Adam Ginning, and Olle Lycksell to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, the AHL affiliate.

These assignments were made prior to the 2024 NHL trade deadline, paving the way for these players to contribute to the Calder Cup playoffs for the Phantoms this season.

Among the quartet, Brink emerged as a notable presence in the NHL, featuring in 57 games and tallying 23 points. However, Attard, Ginning, and Lycksell had limited NHL exposure, each playing fewer than 20 games this season.

Despite their sparse NHL appearances, all four exhibited commendable performances while with the Phantoms this season. Attard, for instance, continues to rank sixth in scoring for Lehigh Valley, showcasing his prowess even after transitioning to the Flyers in late February.

Lycksell boasts the lead in goals for the Phantoms, netting 19, while Brink showcased his capabilities with a point-per-game average during his brief stint in the AHL earlier in the season.

Ginning, recognized for his defensive prowess, may not boast flashy stats, but his contributions alongside Emil Andrae solidified the Phantoms’ defensive line, a role he’s set to resume this weekend.

Flyers Assign Multiple Prospects to AHL; What it Means

With their sights set on securing a spot in the Calder Cup playoffs, the Phantoms have three crucial games remaining in the regular season, including a back-to-back-to-back series over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A victory against Bridgeport on Friday could seal their playoff berth, offering valuable postseason exposure to the four Flyers prospects joining the squad for the final push.

Meanwhile, University of Denver standout Massimo Rizzo inked his entry-level contract with the Flyers, set to take effect in the 2024-25 season. While the 22-year-old opted out of a tryout agreement to join Lehigh Valley immediately, the Phantoms will rely on the talents of Attard, Brink, Ginning, and Lycksell to bolster their roster for the impending playoffs.

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