Bills QB and Head Coach Sean McDermott Speaks Candidly on Stefon Diggs Replacement…

Sean McDermott, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, faces the stark reality that Stefon Diggs won’t be easily replaced this coming season.

The Bills made waves by trading Diggs to the Houston Texans, bidding farewell to their top wide receiver and a pivotal contributor to their ascent as Super Bowl contenders. Addressing the media on April 18 regarding the move, McDermott stressed the irreplaceable nature of Diggs’s presence and highlighted the need for a collective effort from the team to fill the gap.

“Let’s be real, it’s tough, right? Stef’s an exceptional player,” McDermott reflected. “We’ve had some great times together. We’ve won plenty of games, and he played a massive role in those victories. We’ll feel his absence. You can’t simply plug in another player like Stef Diggs. We wish him and his family the best. It’s never easy moving on from a talent like that, but now we refocus on our roster and embrace the opportunity for others to step up.”

Facing Tough Choices McDermott acknowledged the difficult position the team found itself in due to significant salary cap constraints. About a month prior to trading Diggs, the Bills had made several other roster adjustments to alleviate cap pressure, parting ways with veterans Mitch Morse and Jordan Poyer while restructuring Von Miller’s contract.

“These decisions are never easy,” McDermott admitted. “You can’t replace individuals like that, players of their caliber. No two players or individuals are alike. However, it presents a chance for others to assume new roles.”

Mark Gaughan from the Buffalo News highlighted that trading Diggs added $3.24 million to the salary cap, with an even more substantial benefit expected next season.

“The most significant upside to the salary cap is that Diggs won’t impact the Bills’ cap in 2025,” Gaughan explained. “Had Diggs remained on the roster, he would have counted $27.3 million against the cap in 2025. Thus, the bills have significantly eased their cap situation for 2025.”

McDermott revealed that internal discussions preceded the decision to trade Diggs. When asked about quarterback Josh Allen’s involvement in these talks, McDermott mentioned “collaboration” without directly addressing Allen’s role.


“Conversations always occur, sometimes repeatedly, and there’s constant communication and collaboration,” McDermott stated. “This was a major decision — not one taken lightly. … Our aim is to do what’s best for the team both in the short and long term.”

Bills Expected to Draft Receiver Many analysts speculate that the Bills will start the process of replacing Diggs in the NFL Draft, with some predicting a significant move up the draft board.

In a mock draft released on April 16, Rob Maaddi of The Associated Press forecasted that the Bills would trade up to the No. 4 spot to secure the top-rated receiver, Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr.

Maaddi acknowledged that the pressure is on the Bills after parting ways with Diggs and suggested that drafting Harrison could be their first step in addressing the need for a new No. 1 wide receiver.

“Harrison, son of Hall of Fame receiver Marvin Harrison, showcased his talent as the premier WR on the field last season,” Maaddi noted. “Although his stock has dipped due to skipping offseason workouts, his tape speaks volumes. The Bills are under pressure to win a Super Bowl and require a new top wideout after trading Stefon Diggs.”

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