Coach Kevin O’Connell shares his vision for the Minnesota Vikings’ next quarterback following the departure of Kirk Cousins…

What is coach Kevin O’Connell’s vision for Vikings’ next QB following  Kirk Cousins’ exit?

In recent discussions, the Vikings’ leadership has emphasized the need for collaboration from other teams as they navigate the transition from Kirk Cousins to a rookie quarterback they plan to draft this month.

“We need another team to be complicit,” Coach Kevin O’Connell remarked at the NFL meeting last week.

General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of flexibility in their draft strategy.

The Vikings understand the challenge ahead, recognizing that their current draft position, particularly the No. 11 overall pick, may not allow them to secure their desired quarterback prospect. This realization underscores the necessity of finding a willing trade partner to move up in the draft.

However, the competition for top quarterback prospects is fierce, as demonstrated by other teams like the Denver Broncos expressing interest in trading up for a new quarterback.

While the Vikings have outlined plans to evaluate top prospects through private workouts and visits, they are also preparing for various scenarios, including the possibility of relying on offseason acquisition Sam Darnold for the 2024 season.

Amidst the uncertainty, Adofo-Mensah emphasizes the importance of maintaining flexibility in their approach, acknowledging that mock drafts may speculate on their decisions but ultimately, the Vikings remain focused on their evaluation process.

Coach O’Connell, drawing on his experience, plans to engage with prospects directly to assess their understanding and readiness for the NFL. Private visits will provide opportunities for coaching and evaluation beyond what traditional scouting methods offer.

Additionally, O’Connell aims to observe prospects in their community settings to gauge their impact beyond the field, emphasizing the importance of quarterbacks who can inspire and uplift those around them.

Structural changes within the coaching staff reflect the Vikings’ commitment to developing their future quarterback, regardless of how the draft unfolds.

As the draft approaches, the Vikings are prepared to navigate the complexities of quarterback selection with flexibility and determination, mindful of the significant impact their decision will have on the team’s future.


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