Breaking: Minnesota Vikings suspend a coach with no pay following December arrest; just weeks before Draft…

Minnesota Vikings Take Action: Coach Suspended Without Pay Following December Arrest, Just Weeks Before Draft

In a recent development, the Minnesota Vikings have suspended their offensive coordinator without pay after an arrest in December. This suspension arrives amidst the team’s intensive preparations for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, scheduled for later this month.

Wes Phillips, the team’s offensive coordinator, was arrested in December on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI), as per GH Media files. Phillips, who is the son of former NFL head coach Wade Phillips, promptly informed the team about the incident and is expected to accompany them for the upcoming game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Following Phillips’ arrest, the team engaged in discussions with the NFL regarding the situation and the appropriate course of action. Despite the ongoing investigation, the league determined that Phillips would be permitted to travel with the team to Las Vegas for their upcoming game. Both Phillips and the team have refrained from providing further comments on the matter at this time.

According to reports from Sports Illustrated, Phillips later pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of careless driving in February.

In light of the legal proceedings surrounding Phillips, the Vikings have decided to suspend him for three weeks without pay, starting from Tuesday and concluding on April 22. This decision, reported by ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, follows the resolution of Phillips’ 2023 traffic stop in Minneapolis.

While the suspension period falls outside of the regular season, it nonetheless poses challenges for the Vikings as they navigate the critical pre-draft period. With two first-round draft picks at their disposal, the team aims to leverage these assets to potentially secure a top-tier quarterback prospect.

Phillips’ absence during this pivotal time means that the team will be without their offensive coordinator’s input as they analyze film on prospects and conduct official visits with players throughout the month. However, Phillips’ suspension will conclude before the commencement of the draft on April 25.

Despite the timing of the suspension, the Vikings remain focused on their draft preparations, aiming to make informed decisions that will shape the future of the team.

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