Insider issues honest admission as Bucs Hard At Work Trying To Bring Back The 30-year-old…

The Buccaneers are actively working to secure the return of their star wide receiver, Mike Evans. As the NFL Combine kicks off in Indianapolis, the Bucs’ general manager, Jason Licht is set to provide an update on the negotiations between the team and Evans. According to Jeremy Fowler of BSPN, the two parties were initially “far apart” in their discussions, but recent developments suggest they may be closer to reaching an agreement.

Fowler also revealed that Evans is interested in exploring his options in free agency to gauge the market’s interest and potential offers. However, it’s evident that Evans has a desire to remain with the Buccaneers and solidify his legacy with the team.

The Bucs are reportedly making significant efforts to re-sign Evans, indicating that they value his contributions to the team and want him to continue playing a key role in their offense. Given the mutual interest between Evans and the Bucs, it seems likely that they will reach a deal that satisfies both parties and ensures Evans’ future with the team.

As the negotiations progress, it’s important to note that the NFL’s free agency period doesn’t officially begin until March 13, following a brief period of legal tampering. Therefore, the current status of the negotiations may not be indicative of the final outcome, as both sides have time to consider their options and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, while there may have been initial differences in the negotiations between the Buccaneers and Mike Evans, recent developments suggest that they are making progress towards reaching an agreement. Both parties are motivated to secure a deal that benefits them, and it’s likely that they will find a solution that allows Evans to remain with the team and continue his successful career in Tampa Bay.

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