2 best players Bengals must trade for in 2024 NFL offseason following Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury…

As the Cincinnati Bengals gear up for the 2024 NFL offseason, the focus is on strategic acquisitions through trades to strengthen their roster. Having narrowly missed the playoffs in 2023 with a 9-8 record, the Bengals aim to enhance competitiveness. Two key players emerge as potential trade targets to bolster their prospects in the upcoming season.

The 2023 season saw the Bengals facing challenges, including a setback with a defeat to division rivals Baltimore Ravens in Week 11. Despite quarterback Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury, backup Jake Browning led the team to a third consecutive winning season. Notable retirements, such as Kevin Huber, marked the season, but the Bengals secured their ninth win with a historic victory over the Browns.

Heading into the offseason, the Bengals must address the Tee Higgins situation, considering contract extension negotiations and potential interest from other teams willing to trade for him. Veteran defensive back TY Hilton could also be traded, providing a cap space boost.

The team faces a salary cap scenario, balancing financial commitments to Joe Burrow and future extensions. The article highlights two players the Bengals should target in trades during the 2024 NFL offseason.

DeForest Buckner, a defensive tackle from the Indianapolis Colts, emerges as a strategic choice. The Colts could save $20.3 million against the cap by trading him, making him an enticing option for the Bengals’ defensive line. Acquiring Buckner would address their struggles against the run and provide interior pass-rush support. With minimal guarantees and a year remaining on his contract, extending him aligns well with the Bengals’ salary cap outlook.

Chukwuma Okorafor, an offensive lineman with experience as a right tackle from the Pittsburgh Steelers, offers a viable stop-gap solution. At 26 years old with two seasons as the top right tackle for the Steelers, Okorafor brings stability and protection. Trading him would benefit the Steelers in terms of cap relief, making it a mutually beneficial move.

As the Bengals navigate critical decisions in the offseason, targeting players like Buckner and Okorafor could fortify their roster and set the stage for a bounce-back season in 2024. Balancing salary cap management and long-term roster development will be crucial as they shape their trajectory for the upcoming campaign. The offseason moves will determine the Bengals’ competitiveness and their quest for success in the 2024 NFL season.

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