Why the Yankees were willing to surpass the $27 million price before Blake Snell talks stalled…

The Yankees were initially willing to surpass the $27 million per year deal Carlos Rodon secured in his six-year contract as talks with Blake Snell unfolded. While the exact offer to Snell remains undisclosed, sources suggest the Yankees aimed to go “above Rodon.” Despite their interest, Yankees insiders indicate that they are not actively exploring the starting pitcher market.

Carlos Rodon’s $162 million deal with the Yankees served as a benchmark for negotiations, but his underwhelming first season with the team tempered their enthusiasm for a significant investment in Snell.

Blake Snell, a two-time Cy Young winner, reportedly seeks a contract exceeding $30 million, drawing parallels to Stephen Strasburg’s $245 million over seven years ($35 million per year). The Yankees were among 15 teams observing Noah Syndergaard’s recent throwing sessions, showcasing interest in the free agent pitcher.

Concurrently, the Yankees are engaged in discussions with various relievers, including Phil Maton, Ryan Brasier, and Keynan Middleton. Beyond the Yankees, several teams, including the Mets, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Rays, Dodgers, and Cardinals, are also in the market for bullpen assistance.

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