MLB insider makes a shocking declaration after the Corbin Burnes trade that will raise Yankees fans’ eyebrows…

In the aftermath of the Baltimore Orioles’ acquisition of star pitcher Corbin Burnes, doubts are emerging about the New York Yankees’ status as favorites in the American League East. Despite the Orioles clinching an impressive 102-win season, MLB Network’s Jon Heyman suggests that Las Vegas oddsmakers favoring the Yankees is perplexing. Heyman asserts that the Orioles should be considered the frontrunners in the division, citing their 19-game lead over the Yankees in the previous season.

Heyman emphasizes the youthfulness of the Orioles’ lineup, contrasting it with the Yankees’ aging roster, often plagued by injuries. Despite the Yankees’ offseason improvement, including the addition of star player Soto with a 7 WAR, Heyman contends that the Orioles’ overall makeup positions them as the team to beat in the AL East. He particularly notes the 19-game difference and suggests that the Orioles’ emerging talent at every position puts them ahead in the competition.

To enhance their chances against the Orioles, Heyman suggests that the Yankees need a rebound in production from their lineup and potentially another starting pitcher. While the Yankees have made strides by signing former Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman to fortify their rotation, Heyman points out that the pursuit of star pitcher Blake Snell remains ongoing. Although Snell has received an offer from the Yankees, negotiations have hit a roadblock due to a reported $100 million gap in expectations.

As the Yankees strive to keep pace with the Orioles, their offseason moves and ongoing efforts to secure additional talent will likely shape the narrative of the AL East competition, with the Orioles currently holding the upper hand in Heyman’s assessment.

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