The 76ers break the silence on the teams’ stand to reunite Nick Nurse with former Raptors All-Star…

The Philadelphia 76ers are contemplating a reunion with head coach Nick Nurse by expressing interest in acquiring former All-Star guard Kyle Lowry. According to NBA reporter Marc Stein, the Charlotte Hornets are likely to buy out Lowry, who recently joined them in the Terry Rozier trade with the Miami Heat. The 76ers are positioned as a potential destination for Lowry if a buyout agreement is reached.

Lowry, approaching 38 years old, would need to make a significant financial sacrifice as part of the buyout, relinquishing a substantial portion of his $29.7 million salary for the current season. However, the 76ers offer compelling incentives for Lowry, including his Philadelphia roots, the opportunity to contend for another NBA title with the 29-15 Sixers, and a history with Coach Nurse. Lowry played under Nurse’s coaching during three seasons with the Toronto Raptors, earning multiple All-Star selections and winning the 2019 NBA title.

While the Sixers currently have Patrick Beverley as their backup point guard behind Tyrese Maxey, Lowry’s proven playmaking abilities make him an attractive option. The potential reunion with Nurse in Philadelphia is viewed as an ideal match for Lowry, although he is also attracting interest from another prominent team at the moment.

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