Andre Drummond’s Resurgence: A Remarkable Rebound Record and the Quest for NBA Recognition…

Andre Drummond accomplishes a feat no Bulls player has in 25 years…

When the Chicago Bulls faced the absence of Nikola Vucevic due to a groin strain, initial concerns arose about the team’s ability to maintain positive momentum. The prospect of enduring consistent victories with a key player sidelined seemed challenging. However, Andre Drummond, stepping into Vucevic’s role, has not only defied expectations but has propelled the Bulls forward with his outstanding performance.

In the three games since joining the starting lineup, Drummond has showcased remarkable contributions, averaging 15.3 points, an impressive 21.3 rebounds, 2 steals, and 1.7 blocks. This isn’t merely a case of stat-padding; the Bulls have emerged victorious in two out of three games, with Drummond displaying a notable +12 plus/minus despite handling the most minutes since the 2019-20 season.

What sets Drummond’s recent feat apart is his rebounding prowess. Amassing a total of 64 rebounds over three games, he has achieved a milestone not witnessed by any Bulls player in the last quarter century. K.C. Johnson, the Bulls beat reporter, highlighted this accomplishment, drawing a parallel to Dennis Rodman’s achievement in January 1998 when he secured an identical rebound count in a three-game stretch.

Dennis Rodman, despite a shorter tenure with the Bulls, made a lasting impact, winning three rebounding titles and contributing to three NBA championships. Drummond, however, presents a compelling case when compared to Rodman. Over his two years with the Bulls, Drummond boasts 26.1 rebounds per 100 possessions and a total rebounding percentage of 29.8%, surpassing Rodman’s metrics of 23.5 rebounds per 100 possessions and a 25.3% total rebounding percentage.

Drummond, cognizant of his standing among basketball legends, asserted his credentials during a podcast appearance in September. Expressing pride in his achievements as a 30-year-old veteran, including All-NBA honors, two All-Star selections, and four rebounding titles, he boldly declared himself the greatest rebounder in NBA history. While this claim may be met with skepticism, Drummond’s journey from being overlooked to a potential Hall of Fame candidate warrants acknowledgment.

Often dismissed as a traditional big man in an evolving NBA landscape, Drummond has endured and proven his worth. Despite limitations in shooting ability and lateral mobility, he remains one of the league’s premier backup centers. The argument can even be made for him to reclaim a starting role, a position he last held full-time during the 2020-21 season with the Cavaliers and Lakers. As Vucevic prepares to return, the Bulls would be wise to capitalize on Drummond’s exceptional rebounding skills, recognizing the opportunity to leverage one of the game’s greatest rebounders to their advantage.

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