The 20-year-old English star sents a stunning message to Ronnie O’Sullivan as he’s reportedly set for an unexpected link-up…

Jude Bellingham and Ronnie O’Sullivan is one of the most unexpected link-ups of 2023.

In an unexpected turn of events, football sensation Jude Bellingham and snooker maestro Ronnie O’Sullivan are set to engage in a unique collaboration in 2023. O’Sullivan, fresh off his triumph in securing his record-breaking eighth UK Championship title on Sunday, is now extending an invitation to the Real Madrid and England star for a snooker showdown.

O’Sullivan, at 48, not only clinched the UK Championship but also etched his name in history as the oldest player to achieve this feat, achieving the milestone just two days before his 48th birthday. With a career marked by milestones, O’Sullivan, who became the youngest winner of the UK Championship at 17 in 1993, is already eyeing his next challenge, opting for an unconventional choice in Bellingham.

The proposal stems from O’Sullivan’s discovery of Bellingham’s passion for pool, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post where the 20-year-old showcased his eight-ball skills. Intrigued, O’Sullivan extended the invitation through his Instagram story, saying, “Watches half an hour of the Ronnie doc. Let me know if you fancy a game,” accompanied by a winking emoji. Bellingham promptly responded with a handshake emoji on his own Instagram story, indicating his acceptance of the challenge.

While O’Sullivan has engaged in exhibition matches against snooker legends in Asia, facing Bellingham adds a fresh and distinctive dimension to his repertoire. Notably, this wouldn’t be the first instance of O’Sullivan sharing a snooker frame with a footballer, as he previously went head-to-head with David Beckham during the latter’s tenure at Manchester United. Reflecting on the encounter, Beckham expressed his admiration for O’Sullivan, describing it as one of his favorite nights as a Manchester United player.

O'Sullivan has played Beckham before

Revealing details of their rendezvous, Beckham recalled, “I was able to spend a little time with Ronnie over the years. One of my favorite nights as a Manchester United player, we’d played in London, and I think we went out for a couple of beers and I ended up back at Ronnie’s house. His mum was making a cup of tea for us, and we had a few frames. That was one of my favorite nights as a Manchester United player because I got to spend a few hours with Ronnie and get to know him.”

In essence, the unexpected collaboration between Bellingham and O’Sullivan promises to be a captivating spectacle, merging the worlds of football and snooker in a unique and entertaining manner.


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