What to know about the Eagles security chief ejected from Sunday’s game as fans react to…

In an unexpected turn of events during the Eagles’ recent home game against the 49ers, the team’s chief security officer, Dom DiSandro, found himself at the center of attention after being ejected from the field. The incident occurred during a sideline scuffle between Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith and 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw, prompting a divided reaction among fans and potential league repercussions.

The altercation, occurring in the third quarter, involved Greenlaw tackling Smith with what has been described as a “body slam” or a wrestling move known as a “suplex.” DiSandro, who has been with the team for 25 seasons and is highly regarded by players, intervened by attempting to separate the two players, ultimately shoving Greenlaw. In response, Greenlaw threw a punch that grazed DiSandro’s face, leading to his ejection from the game.

While some criticized DiSandro for getting involved in on-field matters, Eagles supporters lauded him as a Philadelphia legend, emphasizing his long-standing dedication to the team. The incident has drawn attention from the league, with expectations of significant punishments for both DiSandro and the Eagles. The NFL has recently expressed a commitment to cracking down on fighting, making the repercussions for this incident uncertain.

Despite NFL rules prohibiting on-field officials from penalizing non-players, DiSandro’s ejection received a positive reaction from the home crowd, with fans expressing joy and support for the security chief. Former players and fans took to social media to defend DiSandro, highlighting his role as a trusted figure within the Eagles organization and suggesting that he was merely doing his job to protect the players.

Eagles players, including defensive end Brandon Graham and former running back LeSean McCoy, expressed confidence in DiSandro’s character and anticipated that he would learn from the incident. On the other side, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan expressed dismay, criticizing DiSandro for taunting players and involving himself in the game.

Dom DiSandro’s unique role within the Eagles organization goes beyond security, as he is described as a senior adviser to the general manager and an informal chief psychologist. Known as the team’s “Papa Bear,” players view him as a close confidante and mentor. His involvement in players’ personal lives, such as assisting with wedding plans and accommodating family matters, further solidifies his significance within the Eagles community.

Born in South Philly, DiSandro’s roots run deep, having briefly played offensive lineman at Penn State before joining the Eagles in 1999. His contributions extend beyond football, with the creation of the “Big Dom Collection,” a clothing line whose proceeds support the Eagle Autism Foundation.

As of now, Dom DiSandro stands as a unique figure in the NFL, not only as a security chief but also as a beloved and influential personality within the Philadelphia Eagles organization.


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