Gary O’Neil: “We’re strong enough to deal with whatever comes at us “

Gary O’Neil:”We’re strong enough to deal with whatever comes at us “

The upcoming match against Wolves holds special significance as it reunites the two managers for the second time. Gary O’Neil, now at Wolves, was in charge of Bournemouth when they faced defeat against the current team in the previous FA Cup third round. O’Neil, who unexpectedly left Bournemouth at the end of the last season, shared insights after their recent loss to Arsenal.

When asked about the disparity between facing top-tier and lower-tier teams, he emphasized that the gap is not as substantial as perceived. According to him, a slight deviation from peak performance could result in a loss in any Premier League game. O’Neil stressed the need for Wolves to be at their best against Burnley, acknowledging the threat posed by Burnley’s forward players, as evident from their recent five-goal performance in a Premier League game.

Vincent Kompany, in a relaxed demeanor, addressed the media two days after the triumph against Sheffield United. Reflecting on the team’s turnaround from negative records to a victorious moment, Kompany expressed the importance of swiftly moving on to the next game. He credited the team for their deserving performance and result, urging them to believe in their capability to replicate such success. Emphasizing the value of three points, he highlighted the upcoming opportunity on Tuesday to build on the momentum.

Kompany commended the team’s recent string of strong performances, acknowledging that they might not have received the outcomes they expected. Despite setbacks, he asserted the team’s mental strength to confront challenges head-on. He emphasized their preparedness to work for success, portraying resilience to handle whatever challenges come their way.

Addressing the pressure and significance of recent games, Kompany revealed his pre-game belief that the team would celebrate. He praised the players’ mental strength and determination to hit the reset button, showcasing the mindset of an elite team. The experienced players in the squad, such as Browny, Guðmundsson, Jay Rodriguez, and Charlie Taylor, were highlighted by Kompany for providing a reasonable balance. He specifically lauded Jay Rodriguez for maintaining physical output and goal-scoring prowess at his age, expressing gratitude for having such an exceptional talent in the team.

In conclusion, Kompany instilled confidence in the team’s ability to navigate challenges and reiterated the importance of maintaining a strong mindset. The upcoming match against Wolves serves as another opportunity for the team to showcase their resilience and build on their recent successes.

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