Vikings’ QB Joshua Dobbs makes it cool to be a NASA ‘nerd’…

The ascent of 28-year-old quarterback Joshua Dobbs in recent weeks with the Minnesota Vikings has not only captivated football fans but has also created a significant stir in the realm of space exploration. Fondly dubbed “The Passtronaut,” Dobbs, a journeyman with a 2-1 record with the Vikings, has become a sensation, prompting a surge in interest from NASA and the public.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center experienced a notable increase in user engagement when they posted about Dobbs in early November, garnering over 3 million views and a 216% rise in followers. Since Dobbs guided the Vikings to victory on November 5, Google Trends indicates a spike in searches related to his potential connection to NASA, reinforcing the phenomenon now known as “The Joshua Dobbs Effect.”

While Dobbs, an aerospace engineer, expresses his desire to venture into space, he follows in the footsteps of former NFL player Leland Melvin, who transitioned from football to become a NASA scientist and astronaut. Melvin underscores the significance of breaking stereotypes, emphasizing that individuals can excel in both athletic and scientific pursuits.

The parallels between football and space exploration are highlighted by Melvin, who draws connections between the intense training, mental preparation, and reliance on nonverbal cues in both fields. The comparison extends to diet and exercise regimes, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peak physical condition for both professional athletes and astronauts.

Dobbs’ success on the football field, despite multiple team changes, is attributed to his academic background, having graduated with honors in aerospace engineering from the University of Tennessee in 2017. His ability to quickly adapt to new playbooks mirrors the adaptability required in his professional journey through various NFL teams.

NASA’s Scott Colloredo applauds Dobbs for making engineering cool and acknowledges the synergy between the elite level of training in the NFL and at NASA. Colloredo emphasizes the shared skill sets required for training, contingency planning, and system check-downs in both fields.

Dobbs, with 19 games played in the NFL and notable statistics, might need to pursue a master’s degree before aspiring to join NASA’s astronaut program. His externships at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center have provided him with insights into instrumentation, contributing to his growing connection with the space agency.

In Minnesota, Dobbs’ influence extends beyond the football field, inspiring excitement in STEM education among students and educators. The Science Museum of Minnesota is planning educational programs centered around “The Passtronaut,” aiming to break stereotypes and broaden expectations in science and engineering fields.

As Dobbs continues to make waves in football, his unique journey serves as an inspiration, challenging preconceptions and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in diverse fields, from the NFL to the frontiers of space exploration.

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