Cleveland Browns 24-year-old QB  responds to Kevin Stefanski’s frustrating concern as he puts drops crucial health updates in a social media message…

The Browns’ Head Coach addresses concerns after quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson sustains a hard hit from Broncos linebacker Baron Browning, leading to his entry into the concussion protocol. Thompson-Robinson reassures fans on Instagram, stating, “I’m doing great! Thank you for the concern,” despite acknowledging the force of the hit.

Before the injury, he completed 14-of-29 passes for 134 yards, achieving a rating of 73.1 and securing a touchdown to Harrison Bryant, marking the first of his career.

In the aftermath, Coach Kevin Stefanski reflects on Thompson-Robinson’s performance, noting both positive and teachable aspects. Acknowledging the quarterback’s resilience after the impactful hit, Stefanski expresses concern for the well-being of his player.

The hit itself incites controversy, drawing a 15-yard penalty, with opinions divided on its legality. Broncos defender Baron Browning defends the hit, asserting that while he doesn’t view it as dirty, he acknowledges the officials’ decision.

Browns Pro Bowl guard Joel Bitonio takes a diplomatic stance, citing difficulty in assessing the hit’s details but emphasizing the league’s efforts to mitigate helmet-related hits.

Receiver Amari Cooper also suffers an injury from a hit by Broncos safety PJ Locke, prompting concern from teammates. Elijah Moore criticizes Locke’s unnecessary hit and confronts him on the field. Fortunately, X-rays reveal no serious damage to Cooper despite his rib injury.

With Thompson-Robinson sidelined due to the concussion, uncertainty surrounds the Browns’ quarterback situation for the upcoming matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

Coach Stefanski remains cautious, awaiting Thompson-Robinson’s progress through the concussion protocol before deciding on the starting quarterback. Options include PJ Walker, who has previously underwhelmed in the role, and veteran Joe Flacco, signed on November 20, presenting a logical choice if Thompson-Robinson is unavailable.

The evolving situation underscores the team’s reliance on Thompson-Robinson’s recovery and the strategic decision-making needed to navigate the quarterback dilemma.

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