Ravens Coach John Harbaugh drops Hopeful Update on Mark Andrews’ crucial Injury blow, as he discuss his Potential Return …

There’s a chance that Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews might not be out for the entire season, according to a surprising update from Ravens coach John Harbaugh on Monday. Despite initial concerns of a season-ending left ankle injury during Thursday’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Harbaugh revealed a more optimistic outlook based on recent medical assessments.

Harbaugh stated that discussions with the team’s trainer and doctors indicated that the injury wasn’t as severe as initially feared immediately after the game. The MRI results revealed a cleaner situation than anticipated. Andrews is currently undergoing further evaluation with Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina, and more information is expected upon his return later in the week.

While Harbaugh didn’t provide a definitive timeline for Andrews’ potential return, he acknowledged the possibility of the three-time Pro Bowler coming back at some point in the season. Harbaugh emphasized the need to wait for Andrews’ assessment and input before making any conclusive statements about his return.

When asked about the playoffs, Harbaugh remained cautious, stating that discussions about postseason participation would depend on Andrews’ condition upon his return. He highlighted Andrews’ competitiveness and emphasized that the decision would involve input from the player himself.


Andrews, a key target for quarterback Lamar Jackson, has been a highly productive tight end in the NFL since 2019. His injury, sustained during the opening drive against the Bengals, resulted from a controversial tackle by Logan Wilson. In Andrews’ absence, the Ravens are expected to rely on backup tight ends Isaiah Likely and Charlie Kolar, with the possibility of incorporating more wide receiver packages.

Harbaugh acknowledged the challenge of replacing a player of Andrews’ caliber but expressed confidence in the team’s ability to come together and compensate collectively. He emphasized that when Andrews does return, the team will be even stronger for having navigated through his absence.

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