Fascinating what Houston Texans’ C.J. Stroud said amid his comparison to Tank Dell: most unstoppable rookie combo ever?

Ten games into the 2023 NFL season, it’s evident that Nick Caserio hit a home run in the April draft.

The Houston Texans’ second overall pick, C.J. Stroud, formerly of Ohio State, has displayed remarkable performance with 223 completions, 2962 yards, 17 touchdowns, five interceptions, a 99.3 quarterback rating, rookie records, and even a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame due to his Week 9 standout game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Within Stroud’s impressive stats, the impact of another rookie, third-round pick Nathaniel “Tank” Dell, is notable. Dell has caught 42 of Stroud’s completions, accumulating 659 yards and contributing to six touchdowns over seven starts. Dell represents 22.2% of Stroud’s yardage, 18.8% of his completions, and an impressive 35.3% of his touchdowns.

Although historical data might eventually reveal the most valuable rookie duo in NFL history, for now, Stroud and Dell claim that title.

Even in comparison to the greatness of Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins, Stroud’s connection with Dell stands out. If Tank Dell has a place on the Texans’ wide receiver Mt. Rushmore, credit goes to C.J. Stroud for putting him there.

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