Vikings Head coach Kelvin O’Connell drops a ‘shocking’ questions as he reacts to Kareem Jackson’s hit on the 28-year-old star…

In the Sunday night game against the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs lost possession of the ball in the first quarter due to a fumble, a pivotal moment in their 21-20 defeat. The fumble occurred on a play where Broncos safety Kareem Jackson made contact with Dobbs, prompting Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell to express concern about the hit.

O’Connell believed that Jackson, playing in his first game after a two-game suspension for similar hits, should have been penalized. The hit involved Jackson lowering his head and making contact with the top of his helmet into Dobbs’ chest and face mask.

Although the NFL’s health and safety spotters recognized the contact and subjected Dobbs to a concussion check, which he passed, the Broncos recovered the fumble at the Vikings’ 30-yard line. Subsequently, the Broncos converted the turnover into a 31-yard field goal by Wil Lutz.

O’Connell, reflecting on the hit, stated that it seemed like a direct helmet-to-helmet hit, but acknowledged the challenge of officiating such plays in real-time due to their rapid nature.

It’s worth noting that Dobbs, in this specific play, functioned as a running back rather than a quarterback, as the Vikings attempted a third-and-1 conversion with tight end T.J. Hockenson pitching the ball to Dobbs.

While NFL rules do not provide quarterbacks outside the pocket with the same protection as those in the pocket, players are still prohibited from lowering their heads and making forcible helmet-to-helmet contact with opponents.

This rule, though challenging for officials to enforce in real-time, aims to prevent dangerous hits and protect player safety.

Kareem Jackson’s history includes a suspension and multiple fines during the season, including ejections from two games. In the game against the Vikings, the Broncos capitalized on three turnovers, including Dobbs’ fumble and an interception, converting them into nine crucial points.

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