Town chief executive Mark Ashton discuss major setbacks as he reveals ‘Masterplan’ to boost Portman Road capacity and develop ‘world class’ training ground…

Ipswich Town’s CEO, Mark Ashton, unveils a ‘masterplan’ to enhance Portman Road and transform Playford Road into ‘world class’ training facilities. The club, previously struggling in the Championship, experienced a resurgence after a successful League One stint and promotion under new American ownership.

Portman Road, officially accommodating 29,673, witnesses increased attendance, even drawing 28,221 for a recent midweek Carabao Cup clash with Fulham. Ashton expresses caution when asked about potential ticket sales, emphasizing the fanbase’s remarkable support, evident in high shirt sales, season ticket numbers, and home and away attendance.

The CEO highlights Ipswich’s unique position as a town center club and reveals ongoing discussions with local authorities for a comprehensive stadium masterplan. Plans include completing the West Stand boxes, installing digital scoreboards, and eventually replacing the Cobbold Stand. Ashton assures fans that continual development at Portman Road remains a priority, with architects appointed and discussions with stakeholders underway.

Beyond Portman Road, the club plans a multi-million pound redevelopment of the Playford Road training ground. Architects are engaged, and discussions on land usage are ongoing. Ashton emphasizes the need for elite facilities to benefit the women’s team, academy, and the first team. The CEO, drawing on his experience with Bristol City, expresses a desire to break ground before summer, aiming for a 10-12 month construction period.

Ashton mentions inspiration from other clubs, citing visits to Tottenham, Liverpool, and Brighton, and underscores the importance of incorporating coaching staff input. The training ground’s development is expected to set the club on a strong footing for years to come, impacting player recruitment, retention, and overall development.

In conclusion, Ipswich Town’s ‘masterplan’ encompasses both Portman Road and Playford Road, reflecting ambitious goals for stadium enhancements and top-tier training facilities, signaling a promising future for the club.


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