Bills 29-year-old Guard slams ‘at disrespectful’ Jets Player after post game incident…

The Buffalo Bills secured a victory against the New York Jets, marking the game where Zach Wilson was eventually benched.

Post-game, a heated exchange unfolded in the tunnel involving Bills guard Dion Dawkins and Jets defensive tackle Michael Clemons.

The disagreement, stemming from a fourth-quarter interaction where Dawkins dove on Clemons, resulted in a shoving match. Dawkins, appearing to feign injury, eventually sprang back up, waving to the Buffalo crowd amid a 29-6 lead.

Video footage captured the bickering, with Jets head coach Robert Saleh choosing to distance himself from the scuffle. Dawkins, addressing the incident postgame, expressed his discontent with the Jets, labeling them as disrespectful players. The altercation led to an unnecessary roughness penalty on Dawkins and set the stage for the postgame tension in the tunnel.

Clemons reportedly left the Jets locker room without commenting on the incident when approached by reporters. Dawkins, in summary, conveyed his lack of fondness for the Jets, emphasizing the Bills’ ability to dominate through both running and passing.

As for a potential rematch between Dawkins and Clemons, enthusiasts will need to await the next season, as the recent game marked the second encounter this season, resulting in a 1-1 split in the series.

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